Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blast From the Past

This was an old case back in 2003 published in one of the local paper. For details click the news clip above.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bird's eye view of our office

Here's how the office look like from the skyOur office is situated in the KWSP office building complex. It is perched in the 9th floor of block D as per photo below (it's the inner square folks).

Sikuati Town Campaign: A Pictorial Part 2

Here's the long overdue pictorial sequel..

The day after, we woke to a beautiful morning, warm sun and scenic ocean view

This is a close-up of a decorative palm tree around the hotel compound.. well okay I can't resist the temptation to snap 'em with fusion of lively colour, nature at it's very best.
Here's another fast forward for ya. After our court proceeding where there's a marathon of 7 summons cases we went straight to work (no photo taking is allowed in Court). Seen here our officer in half of the formal court attire ie in black and white. We have to lose the suit jacket though, it was pretty hot and humid.

Sikuati town consist of a row of commercial shops, a wet market and some market stalls, a standard staple in interior Sabah. As usual sundry shops are thriving, selling everything under the sun. Seen here a retailer's education campaign briefing session.

The small township is such laid back that a shop owner was manning his shop half naked ie. in his shorts and slippers and nothing else. The man actually greeted us as 'Cikgu' or teacher in Bahasa Malaysia before we introduced ourselves as enforcement officer. Maybe it's because of the black and white attire thingy. All in all the overall knowledge on registered health product is quite satisfactory here in Sikuati. One of the shop proprietor even asked the consequences of selling / possessing unregistered product before we even get to the penalty part. We solemnly informed him that it's a fine not more than RM25,000 or jail sentence of not more than 3 years or both. After covering 8 shops, we wrap it up and went back to Kota Kinabalu.
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